2020 Letter From Coach Bobby Darnell

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Greetings Ranger Family:

I hope the summer has been great for you and your family. The excitement should be building as the season approaches. The excitement comes from the preparation and hard work it takes to get ready for a season. The summer is our opportunity to keep momentum building from a successful off-season and spring practice. 

One of the best events that happened this summer was hearing Houston Texan Head Coach Bill O’Brien talk at a Coaches Academy. One of his main points of his “Championship Checklist” was CONFIDENCE. Moreover, what should come with confidence is a team belief. Our team has to believe we are prepared for success. We have to believe we outworked everyone. We must believe a championship is within our reach. Another point that stuck with me was COMPETITIVENESS. This simply means to me that we WILL NOT back down to anyone.

That being said, I want everyone to realize that EVERYTHING MATTERS. I do not want our young men taking anything for granted. When their mentality changes to “there are NO little things” and “everything matters”, that will dictate their behavior and actions. We need this philosophy across the board. We need to win every day. We win every day by winning every rep in every drill. We win every day by striving to be the best young man at all times in all areas of life. I hope that this will become a way of life moving forward for our entire program.

Let me take a second to stress the importance of joining our Booster Club. The primary mission of the Clements Athletic Booster Club (CABC) is to fund purchases for our teams beyond our district budgets. In 4 ½ years, CABC has purchased weight room equipment, branding signs and wraps for our entire campus. For football specifically, we have been able to purchase a landing mat, tackle machine and 3 sleds, a chute, QB trainer, as well as new Under Armour uniforms, cleats, and gear. We want to continue to treat our program like a championship program and make sure we utilize any and all equipment that help us get better or stay safe. By being a part of CABC for all 4 years, this gives your son a better opportunity to earn one of the eight $1,000 CABC scholarships we give annually. Please find a way you can help and assist our program through the Booster Club and our football program. Our big fundraiser, annual Rowdy Ranger Booster Ball, will be held April 4th. Save the date!

The bar will continue to rise for this program. The work has been done and it is time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. RANGER PRIDE is alive and well. Our program wants to reinforce the teachings at home and at the same time enforce our program’s CORE VALUES of PASSION, RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and DISCIPLINE, with EXCITEMENT, ENERGY, & ENTHUSIASM. That is what it means to have RANGER PRIDE. 2020 is here Ranger Family! Let’s Ride Rangers!





Bobby Darnell

Clements High School

Head Football Coach/Athletic Coordinator