Letter From Coach Darnell

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Greetings Ranger Family:


Summer vacation is always a welcomed experience to recharge and enjoy time off with family and friends. Traveling the world can really refocus someone’s goals and bring about a laser focus on achieving those goals. Our leadership training we presented to our team during off-season targeted this exact task of making SMART goals. These goals must be Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Relevant-Timely. In addition to goal setting, we talked a lot about ACCOUNTABILITY. We defined it as being responsible for yourself in accomplishing a goal or task or simply put…DO YOUR JOB. Summer time separates many teams from pretender to contender based on the accountability of each member of the team. With a full month to go until we begin this 2018 journey, it is my hope that the recharge has occurred and the hunger to win and prepare to win is intense.

This is the third season of this current coaching staff. There have been plenty of moves and shake-ups to find the best fit for our student-athletes. I believe we have the coaches on staff that can push our players to new heights. Surrounding our players with the most hard-working, character-filled, passionate coaches is my annual goal. It is important that we have men on our staff be role models and reinforce what you are teaching at home. Believe me, we are hungry as well and ready to get this season started.

You are receiving plenty of information right now. Also, know that we try to utilize any form of communication to make sure we get our message out. This information will be on our Clements Athletics web page, www.ClementsRangers.com, which can also utilize Facebook by clicking on the top right corner. For those Twitter users, please follow us at @CHighFB. Remind 101 is our last means of communication. We do not want anyone not knowing what is going on.

Let me take a second to stress the importance of joining our Booster Club. The primary mission of the Booster Club is to allow purchases for our teams and coaches that fall beyond what our district budgets. In 2 ½ years, our Booster Club has purchased weight room equipment, branding signs and wraps for our entire campus. We have purchased a landing mat, tackle machine and sled, a Chute, QB Trainer, as well as new Under Armour uniforms and gear. We want to continue to treat our program like a championship program and make sure we utilize any and all equipment that help us get better or stay safe. By being a part of the Booster Club for all 4 years, this gives your son a better opportunity to earn a CABC scholarship of $1000 that we give annually. So please find a way you can help and assist our program through the Booster Club and our football program. Our big fundraiser, annual Rowdy Ranger Booster Ball, will be on April 6, 2019. Save the date.

This season will be our best season for a few reasons. The top reason is that our players fully understand the culture of program. We want to be known for our competitive fight. We want to be the hardest working team in the state of Texas. We want to play with passion and relentless effort. The second reason is the time and energy spent during off-season to get stronger and faster. The efforts to be the most powerful and explosive athletes we can have been maxed out. Lastly, providing an atmosphere of grit, high energy, discipline, and fun have drawn more players than we have had since I arrived. Our time is now Ranger family. Do not be surprised by the results that are about to happen. This is the expectation. This is our standard. More importantly, this is what we have worked so hard for.

I take great pride, RANGER PRIDE, in being alumni of Clements High School. This place taught me very valuable lessons in life and more importantly how to be a great man, husband, and father. Our program wants to reinforce the teachings at home and at the same time enforce our program’s CORE VALUES of PASSION, RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and DISCIPLINE, with EXCITEMENT, ENERGY, & ENTHUSIASM. That is what it means to have RANGER PRIDE. I hope your entire family is ready for this 2018 journey.  


Let’s Ride Rangers!





Bobby Darnell

Clements High School

Head Football Coach/Athletic Coordinator

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