Rangers Football Merchandise

2018 Rangers Football Merchandise

We are excited to open the 2018 Football Merchandise store!! There are three store links on this page: Football General Spirit Merchandise, Sub-Varsity Game Day Shirt, and the Varsity Game Day Shirt.  Please look at all three stores so that you can plan accordingly for what your player will need (all players need a game day shirt) and what Spirit wear you or CHS fans will want to purchase.

Orders will be processed after each store closes (on their appropriate date listed). It takes approximately 2 weeks after the store closes for the merchandise to be delivered. We will notify everyone when the merchandise has arrived with the pick up schedule.  NOTE: Please be sure to order by the deadline date listed because there will not be additional orders.

2018 GENERAL Merchandise Store (Order Deadline is Wednesday, August 15th)
This is available to all of our players, staff, students and fans.  We are excited for this upcoming season and for our Ranger Family to show their support in this season’s Ranger Fan Merchandise. Click on the links below to view the online store.

Order General Merchandise

2018 Sub-Varsity Game Day Shirt Store (Order Deadline is Wednesday, August 15th) 
Please follow the link to order the player Game Day Shirt to wear on game day. All freshman and JV football players need to order a game day shirt.

Order Sub-Varsity Game Day Shirt

2018 VARSITY Store (Order Deadline is Wednesday, August 15th)

All Varsity Players need to order a game day polo to wear each week on Game Day.  This is also the link for the Varsity parents to get their parent polo as well as the friends & family spirit t-shirts with their player’s name & number on the back.

Order Varsity Game Day Shirt